Are you also wondering what’s the difference between Blackjack and Pontoon? Because I am so confuse! It is known that Blackjack is a very popular casino game online and you must be unfamiliar that it comes with many variants, and pontoon online is one of its popular version. Some land based casinos also offer Pontoon offline. It’s clear and obvious that the one big difference between the two is the terminology. To make it more clear, take a look at the most remarkable differences between these casino game trend.

  • Differences in Rules. If you only have 14 or less, you cannot stand in pontoon, while with regular Blackjack, you can stand anytime and you cannot get broke even if you ask for more card guarantees. Unlike in pontoon, unless your total exceeds 14, you are not finished hitting.
  • Differences in the Game Play. It always starts by placing a bet with regular Blackjack. Likewise, you will have two cards, facing upwards and the dealer will also get two cards. Unlike in pontoon, both cards of the dealer will face downwards. In Blackjack, one card needs to face downwards. Surrender and insurance are still available in both games. Winning is also similar by forming a hand that is larger from the dealer and without exceeding 21.
  • Differences in Terminology. In pontoon online or either offline, “twist” let the dealer knows that you need another card and the same action is known as “hit” in blackjack. Likewise, “stick” in pontoon is referred as “stand” in blackjack.
  • Differences in Tricks. In Pontoon, players can also win using the Five Card Trick. For this technique, player just needs to collect five cards with a total of 21 or less. This Five Card Trick beats a non-pontoon 21. On the other hand, in Blackjack, players who are closer to 21 than the dealer get rewards.
  • Differences in Luck. Since both the dealers’ card in Pontoon face down, players can take no advantage unlike in Blackjack. The latter allows the player to see one of the dealers card when making a decision if they want to stand or hit.

Pontoon and Blackjack are games with a lot of fun and you can play them whether online or offline. If you are still uncertain which game you want to play, you may both give them a try!